The Old Hodgsonites Association (OHA) was founded in 1962 and is chaired today by Neil Harding (’79). Our President is Rt Hon Lord Wakeham DL(’49)

Although the purpose of the society is to hold a reunion dinner once a year, our Association has over the years become more than that. An OH fund, managed by The Carthusian Trust, provides small amounts of finance for young people of the House (otherwise blameless) whose parents have fallen on hard times.

A book-token is awarded by the OHA annually for the best 4th Form project (as advised by the Archivist) tracing the path of a Hodgsonite from his time at school, through to his service in the First World War. Meanwhile, the preparation for the dinner involves contacting as many OHs as possible, keeping them in touch with how the House is doing and looking to the future.

A Careers Evening, held bi-annually, allows OHs to give some guidance to the young people of the House on the many circuitous paths into the world of work. And, finally, since 2000, our dinner has been shared with all the current monitors (girls and boys) of the House and the current Housemaster, so that there is a true interaction across the generations. Via this website, we hope to illustrate all of this as well as some of the history of this community.

If you would like to submit a  memoir or photos of your time, please send these through to our webmaster: Alastair Dodwell (’79)

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