At Old Charterhouse on Tuesday September 17 2013

We are very pleased to announce that our 50th Anniversary Dinner will be was held at The Old Charterhouse on Tuesday September 17 2013.

The cost of tickets for over 25s will be £80 a head, with 25s and under at £45.

Location and timing:

  • 5.30pm Chapel Service will be taking place (Optional)
  • 6.00pm -Historical Tour of the Old Charterhouse guided by the Master Charlie Hobson (Optional)
  • Reception 7.00pm – Great Chamber
  • AGM in the Great Chamber 7.30pm
  • 7.45pm – Dinner in the Old Library + after dinner drinks
  • 10.30pm Carriages

Sutton’s Hospital
Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6AN

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