"Old Hodgsonites Association - For OHs of all ages"

Next annual dinner - London 16th September 2014. Carlton Club.


The Old Hodgsonites Association (OHA) was founded in 1962

Today it is chaired by Neil Harding (’79). Our President is Rt Hon Lord Wakeham DL(’49).

Although the purpose of the society is to hold a reunion dinner once a year, our Association has over the years become more than that. An OH fund, managed by The Carthusian Trust, provides small amounts of finance for young people of the House (otherwise blameless) whose parents have fallen on hard times.

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A book-token is awarded by the OHA annually for the best 4th Form project (as advised by the Archivist) tracing the path of a Hodgsonite from his time at school, through to his service in the First World War. Meanwhile, the preparation for the dinner involves contacting as many OHs as possible, keeping them in touch with how the House is doing and looking to the future.

A Careers Evening, held bi-annually, allows OHs to give some guidance to the young people of the House on the many circuitous paths into the world of work. And, finally, since 2000, our dinner has been shared with all the current monitors (girls and boys) of the House and the current Housemaster, so that there is a true interaction across the generations. Via this website, we hope to illustrate all of this as well as some of the history of this community.

If you would like to submit a memoir or photos of your time, please send these through to our webmaster: Alastair Dodwell (’79)

Careers Evening

The OH Association runs a bi-annual careers evening

The whole of the upper part of the House is invited and the format of the evening consists of three-minute intros by our panelists (not usually more than 7 or 8 in number) followed by Q & As and then a buffet.

All panelist members are Hodgsonites who discuss their careers in relation to their progression from school into the working life.

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The impetus behind the evening lies in the wish for OHs to be of practical use and to have a lively link between OHs and the current House.

Example of panelists include a marketing director at a music publisher, a documentary film-maker, a film & advertising producer, an officer of The Metropolitan Police as well as a Police Constable. We have had a forensic accountant, a metal merchant, an airborne systems engineer, and we have had both city lawyers as well as county solicitors. Finally we have had a director of a Private Equity firm.

If you think that you have a career that members of the House might like to hear about, please make contact so that we can add you to our list for the next meeting.

OH Dinner

Each year The Old Hodgsonites Association holds an annual dinner

For 2013 we celebrated the 50th OH dinner.

Over the years the Dinner has been held in and around Clubland in London, the last few at The National Liberal Club at 1 Whitehall Place and or The Carlton Club in St James.

With a break from tradition the 2013 50th Anniversary dinner was held at the very special The Charterhouse in the City.

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Our dinners are a truly Hodgsonites affair encompassing present monitors of the House, musicians, House tutors and the Housemaster as well as any member of the OHA.

The Dinner is preceded by our AGM at which we remember OHs who have died during the previous year and the finances of the Association are presented. Elections of officers are made, the date and location of the next dinner is fixed and any other business of common interest to the Association is presented.

Over the last few years our after-dinner speaker has spoken on a topic related to a Carthusian theme. This has included talks about ‘Charterhouse Museum’, ’Robert Graves’, ‘Thomas Sutton and the founding statutes of Charterhouse’, ‘Music and Charterhouse’ and from Peter Nathan (’49) on the subject of the great cricketer: ‘Peter May, Sportsman and Friend’. I would encourage anyone who has not seen contemporaries for a while to consider coming along or getting a group together and join us on the next occasion.

To attend or to learn more and to book a space visit the booking page.



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